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     To be an effective instrument to the Government Endeavour to cultivate national harmony in Jaffna Peninsula through uplifting the physical quality of life and spiritual values of the people.

  Welcome Civil Military Coordination Office Jaffna
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EU Delegation Meets Jaffna Commander
[2015-05-14 10:33:16]
A team of top officials representing European Union arrived in Headquarters Security Force Jaffna (SF-J) at Palaly to meet Commander SF-J Major General Nandana Udawatta on Monday (11) morning. Members of the Exploratory Mission from the EU delegation headed by Mr. M. Paolo Salvia, official of the European External Serivice..............

320 Northern Soldiers Awarded with Tamil Language Proficiency Certificates
[2015-05-08 07:10:14]
A colourful ceremony held on May 8th 2015 at the Palaly Auditorium saw 320 soldiers, who followed an intensive Tamil Language course receive language proficiency certificates, adding more number of officers and other ranks to the organization, who are competent to use both languages whilst on duty, especially in the North and the.....................

Massive Crowd Visit Jaffna Vesak Zone
[2015-05-04 10:45:21]
As the Buddhists all around the world are celebrating the Thrice-Blessed Day marking the Birth, Attaining Enlightenment and Passing Away of the Lord Buddha, Security Force Jaffna has organized a grand Vesak festival for all communities in Jaffna in the close proximity of public library from 3rd to 6th May 2015. The Jaffna Vesak festival themed....................

Jaffna Soldiers Celebrate Sinhala & Hindu New Year with Civilians
[2015-04-18 12:15:03]
A Sinhala and Hindu New Year festival which symbolized cultural unity between the two communities was organized by the Headquarters 55 Division on April 16th at Kaddaikadu playground. The Division Headquarters on initiative of General Officer Commanding......................

Army - Renovated Chapel of St. Henry’s College Declared Open
Hon Prime Minister Addresses Service & Police Personnel in Jaffna
Jaffna Commander Updates Foreign Diplomats on Security Situation

552 Brigade Organizes a New Year Festival
[2015-04-28 11:10:36]
Soldiers serving under the 552 Brigade and more than 400 civilians living in the area celebrated Sinhala and Hindu New Year in a grand ceremony organized by the 552 brigade at Iyakkachchi palyground on April 26th. They participated in different new year games and sports throughout the day and valuable prizes were given to winners by the Army....................

People of PPD Join Army to Celebrate Sinhala and Hindu New Year
[2015-04-22 10:30:25]
Over 1500 civilians in Point Pedro (PPD) and Karaveddy District Secretariat Divisions enthusiastically took part in Sinhala and Hindu New Year festival organized by the 551 Brigade of PPD on April 18th in high profile. A range of traditional sports and games had been...................

Defence Adviser of Indian HC Meets Jaffna Commander
[2015-04-19 11:30:05]
Defence Adviser of High Commission of India Captain Prakash Gopalan called on the Commander Security Force Jaffna (SF-J) Major General Nandana Udawatta on April 16th. The meeting took place at Headquarters SF-J during Captain Gopalan’s two day official visit to Jaffna...................

52 Division & Colombo Rotary Club Distribute School Items
[2015-04-08 13:10:27]
With view to improving school education in Jaffna, Security Force Jaffna (SF-J) has launched a special programme to assist selected schools with limited resources and their students. Different donor organizations and Philanthropists have come forward to join hands...................

Army Donates Electric Water Pump To Navakkadu School
52 Division Arranges Donation of Artificial Limbs to Disable Civilians
Students & Teachers of Kevil School Receive Donation from 55 Division
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